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The characteristics of the cutting machine

The characteristics of the cutting machine:

1. Round knife and card cloth (cloth) motor are all frequency-controlled, can be adjusted at will and do positive and negative switching control, never stick knife

2. Cutting machine is equipped with double-sided grinding system. The blade can be used for intermittent grinding without disassembly. The machine uses diamond grinding wheel, which shortens the grinding time and saves cost. It also has vacuuming capacity, cleaning rag and cutting. Keep the track and cloth clean.

3. imported PLC programmable controller (commonly known as micro-computer module) control cutting automatic cutting, can directly set a variety of cutting width and quantity, improve the precision of cutting bundles. The power-off parameter is saved automatically and can be called arbitrarily; the required size is accurate.

4. Imported ball slides, parallel to advance the cutting width, not easy to wear, with imported precision ball screw and slide rail, greatly control the cutting precision, its precision reaches 0.1 mm. Reduce the rate of defects and achieve high quality cutting.

5. The operation interface uses LCD Chinese display. It can save time by visual man-machine interface operation. The operation is simple and clear. You can directly set a variety of cutting width and quantity. You can select manual/automatic conversion function according to your needs. .

6. using the triangular three-dimensional bracket design, feeding and discharging can be completed in one step, which is convenient and easy.

7. The cutting machine is equipped with an emergency stop button. If the circuit or operation is abnormal, just click the emergency stop button to operate safely.

8. Cutting machine with a safety cover, safer and more environmentally friendly ---ME-170ZF automatic cutting machine

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