• Automatic Manual Leather Strip Cutting Machine

Automatic Manual Leather Strip Cutting Machine

Brand :Chaojun

Product origin :Jinjiang,China

Delivery time :7 days after deposit payment

Supply capacity :1000sets/month

This automatic roll slitting machine cloth cutting machine features double CNC control for automated cutting on fabrics,plastic, paper and other materials.
computerized cloth cutting machine is designed for 45 degree oblique cuts.
You will find textile equipment cloth roll cutting machine such as roll rewinding machine in the production of apparel, bags, shoes and accessories.

Automatic Manual Leather Strip Cutting Machine

automatic cutting machine for fabric

Flat push automatic cutting machine and the ruled, 45-degree diagonal rolling machine for fabrics, woven fabrics, tents, umbrellas, foam, leather, reflective material, plastic, paper, double sided tape, acetate cloth, reinforced belt, conductive cloth, copper and other materials of various width straight, straight bar and 45 ° oblique cut of the cloth and roll apparel, bags, shoes, clothing accessories, reflective material factory, tent factory, umbrella factory, electronics factory and other industries the ideal choice.

Technical parameters:

fabric automatic cutting machine Fabric width: 1.7 m (another 2.05 meters, 2.4 meters optional) 
computerized cloth cutting machine Fabric speed :0-800 (rev / min)
automatic cutting machine for fabric Cloth Diameter: 300 mm, 400 mm、500 mm can also be customized 
cloth cutter fabric cutting machine round Fabric shaft diameter: 37 mm 
round knife cloth cutting machine Fabric Motor power: 0.75 
sample cutting machine fabric Kilowatts Blade motor power: 1.5 kw
fabric strip cutting machine Cutting width: 2 mm Voltage: 380V/220V
fabric bias cutting machine Optional Dimensions: 2.8 m x1.5 m x0.85 m


1. Circular knife spindle, and use the CVT system, do the level of variable speed and reversing switch. 
2. Platen displacement and retreat around the knife are made of imported high-precision stepper PLC control system and imported cutting width and cutting and knife sharpening system, advance and retreat, with the import of precision ball screw and slide the shift, the high life, easy to wear , so that the width of the cutting accuracy of 0.1mm, the narrowest cutting width of 2mm, cutting parallel to the fast feed advance speed with stepless speed, can be sub-control paper tube is easy to cut, to cut out high-precision high-quality fast products. 
3. The use of computer touch-screen interface, all operations, only one screen, you can also set the width and cut the number of six kinds, and show the actual cutting times, and with manual / automatic conversion and sharpening manual / automatic conversion. 
4. The manual functions, the rocker has a cross handle, operate more humane! More convenient, moving faster, moving at the same time, you can move on the touch screen display width, to be more precise. 
5. Automatic two-sided sharpening system with numerical control, computer control wheel, automatic advance and retreat, and automatic positioning according to blade size, frequency and timing of sharpening can be set to automatically start the rotation, auto-stop, using the diamond grinding wheel, durable, easy to heat, high finish after grinding blades, grinding wheels of life ten times the ordinary Baiyu Gang, without disassembling the blades, you can knife. Long-term sharp blade, to achieve the best cutting quality, along with automatic cleaning devices to keep track of cloth and clean. 
6. Using fast discharge design, in one step. Cutting only on the material to complete an action.
7. Each individual circuit control system, each line has done a label, diagnostic maintenance quick and easy, not easy to fail. 

sample cutting machine fabric

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fabric strip cutting machine

automatic cutting machine for fabric

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